Ground Zero Downtown Los Angeles
Corner of Olympic and Figueroa St.

As President William Clinton addressed his SOLD OUT crowd inside the Staple Center, Rage Against the Machine delivered it's musical message to the Children of the Sun outside. Like a true spokesman for the afflicted ones, Zack de la Rocha demanded the attention of the Democratic National Convention and rebuked the hypocricy of their meeting.

Everyone bore witness to the power of music while leaping to the beats of seditious songs like "Guerilla Radio" and "Testify". Circles of energy called mosh pits exploded in the crowd, sometimes simultaneously.

After RATM performed, Sra. Delores Huerta encouraged the crowd to continue fighting for the natural God-given rights we were all born with. Another sister spoke of her experiences at a Corporate-run sweatshop; reminding us of the many victims that remain olvidados in hidden parts of the world.

Ozomatli had everyone dancing again with their unique style - sounds dripping with flavor. But then, right in the middle of a song, the electricity was shut off. Once again, the voice of the people was silenced. The notorious Los Angeles Police Department got on the mic' and commanded everyone to evacuate the premises or face arrest. The crowd slowly dispersed and exited the protest area. Sorry fellas no riot in L.A. today. We came together peacefully in the spirit of unity and that's the way we left...strong, unified and peaceful. Our goal to - day was to make some NOISE! and that's what we did. Remember, noise is silence's enemy. That's exactly what they want: submissive silence.

So although Law Enforcement provoked the crowd with teargas and taunted them with rubber bullets, the concert ended without incident. Score one for the good guys.
Written by : Gato Photos by : Sal Rojas

Rage Against The Machine Crowd    Downtown Los Angeles

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