L.A. Revolucion Continua 7.20.2000
Coconut Teaszers 8117 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood
The underground "Revolution" continued once again at Coconut Teaszers on the Sunset Strip. Brought to by 5th Battalion,Digital Aztlan, and Cafe Con Leche bringing solidarity to hip-hop nation.

Special Thanks to: El Nuevo Xol, Mafiosos, Trilogy, Earthquake Institute, Twisted Region, Monteloco, and B-Down for putting it down for the Brown.

Next Revolution will be on Sept 02,2000
Featuring Live:
Latin Froz
2nd State
Los Tumbados
Street Platoon
La Paz
Blunts LLA
$100 M.C. Battle @ 1am
hosted by Cash and Citric of THE HIP-HOP SHOW
$10 at door or sign up for discounter BP Guestlist
BP Guestlist

Mafioso    Coconut Teaszers, Hollywood

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