Shots Go Off | Cypress Hill X Rusko

Official music video for "Shots Go Off" off the "Cypress x Rusko" EP.

"I think dubstep is a natural progression of hip-hop... Especially the way that we formulated it with Rusko. There's definitely some roughness to it." - Sen Dog of Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill x Rusko is a collaborative EP by Los Angeles-based Cypress Hill and English dubstep producer and DJ RUSKO. The EP titled "Cypress X Rusko" consist of five songs and was released on June 5 2012 digitally, and then released August 14 2012 on vinyl.

The first single off the EP is "Roll It, Light It"., and the second single is "Can't Keep Me Down" which features Damian Marley.

B-Real TV just released the official music video for the third track "Shots Go Off" off the Cypress X Rusko EP.

Cypress Hill x Rusko - "Shots Go Off" (Music Video)

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