New Music Video Titled "La Fiesta"

A large group of musicians got together to create a new-cumbia-style song. Celebrating with a unique style of a Latino party, this is the sound and result of all the artist's hardwork, "La Fiesta".

Beat by Toy Selectah (Control Machete, Sonidero Nacional)
Emcee Mexia
Dayna Swoonz (Hooks)
Reporte Ilegal (Emcee Wilson Posada and Emcee Spia104)
DJ Freddie Future (Hooks)
Juan C (Cumbiadelics)
Cyrus Wong Weissman

The mix-master wizard for Monterrey's Hip-Hop en Espanol pioneers Control Machete. He created a whole new hybrid by mixing Mexican sound scapes with contemporary urban riddims. Lately he has been galloping the rural rhythms of Colombian-Mexican cumbias, hip-hop, breakbeats, and reggae creating his own trademark sound. He served as an A&R of the label Machete Music an urban music label owned by Universal Music Group. from 2004 to 2007. He was also the producer of 3BALL MTY collective that set out to lay a new foundation for "Latino electronica". they reached No.1 on the Billboard Latin Songs chart for two non-consecutive weeks. The song was performed live by the group at the 2012 ceremony of the Billboard Latin Music Awards

Mexia rapped about cooks and domestic workers and Latinos being "on the rise like blood pressure." Raul crooned the Spanish-language hook ("I just want to succeed / and now they want to deport me"). father, Hern�n Hern�ndez, is the bassist for Los Tigres del Norte, the towering legends of Mexican Norteno music who are so synonymous with Spanish-speaking immigrants throughout the United States that they're known as "los idolos del pueblo" (the idols of the people). Eventually Mexia gravitated to hip-hop, memorizing Luke Skywalker and Gucci Crew records. "My dad would come home from tour speaking Spanish, and I would only want to speak English. He'd be like, 'Mijo, come over here, let me teach you how to play this song, let me tell you about Mexico,' and I was like, 'Aw come on, Dad.' I just wanted to be out on the streets with my friends."

Emcee JOHNNY (Crooked Stilo)
Crooked Stilo is a hip-hop duo formed by brothers Johnny and Victor Lopez. The duo spent their early years in El Salvador, a Central American nation that was torn apart by civil war. In their youth, they immigrated with their parents to the United States in search of a new beginning and a better future. They settled in a housing project in East Los Angeles, a new environment that came with its own unique challenges. They christened their new style as "crooked" because "it consists of combining the old Spanish music and new hip-hop music," stated Johnny. After defining their sound and style, the group began recording in 1993.

They initially recorded their work independently, and discovered an audience for their music, becoming popular in the urban regional music scene. Crooked Stilo has worked and performed with artists such as P. Diddy, Daddy Yankee ("Salud y Vida" from the 2004 multi-platinum album "Barrio Fino"), Don Chezina, Dyablo, and others.

They have released multiple albums with Univision Music Group / Fonovisa Records: "Puro Escandalo", "Retrasalo", and "Malhablados".

The duo left Fonovisa / Univision and started their own record label, Mi Estilo Records. They have released three albums through the newly formed label: "Cumbia Urbana - The Album", "Los Titulares", and "Sin Fronteras".

Emcee WILSON POSADA de Reporte Ilegal
Founded in 1998, Reporte Ilegal has been spreading music to the masses for over a decade. Comprised of two emcee's, RE2 and Spia104 and a producer Z Darek they created a group that broke away from the commericalized American-influenced hip-hop coming from Mexico. By blending Cumbia, Salsa and other Latin rhythms with Electro, hip-hop with political consciousness, Reporte Ilegal was able to reach a broad group of fans. Some of those fans even went on to create other conscious hip-hop groups throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Wilson currently resides in San Francisco with his wife where they run a tattoo shop in the Mission District, Tribus Vivas Dermafilia. He performs on a regular basis at gatherings and shows with DJ Freddy Future (Slayers Club, Daly City Records), DJ Juan Data (Strong Hold), bassist Cyrus (The Illness), Juanc (cumbiadelics), and John Paul, a jazz percussionist originally from New York. Together they collaborate with musicians all over the States, Latin America and Europe. Their last single "Cumbia Rebelde Barrio" has been a hit on youtube with more than 1,000,000 views...

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