BBOYS to BMEN - Graffiti Art Show at Crewest

Featuring HEX and SKILL

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 8, 2012
7-10 pm

With special performance at old school poppers:
Chuco, Booglaloo Shrimp, and others

Back in the early 80's, Hex and Skill were busting out the styles and characters that dominated the scene. Immersed by the culture around them, images of a b-boy's life started to make its way, not only in real life, but also in graffiti art. Some of the earliest forms of graffiti, starting in New York then spread to the West Coast, featured b-boys characters in action, striking a pose, rockin shell-toe Adidas, Kangol hats, etc. The B-boy characters of the early 80's painted by inspired artists graffiti artists HEX and SKILL, possessed confidence, rhythm, movement and artistic form. With the b-boys being at the center of their culture along with hip-hop and graffiti. This whole culture of rapping and b-boying was the perfect inspiration for graffiti artists and thus the combination of rapping, b-boying and graffiti became one and rocked the scene.

BBOYS TO BMEN will feature artwork linking back to 30 years of West Coast b-boy culture. Everything from pencil sketches, illustrations, spray can lettering, large acrylic historical panels as well as a newly released b-boy sculpture by HEX will be available.

The artists in the show are some of LA's early innovators in graffiti whose skill, technique and characters are still remembered as legendary and influential to LA's early graffiti history.

About the Artists:
Hector Rios was born and raised in Los Angeles. Utilizing the graffiti name HEX TGO, HEX painted from 1982 to 1992, then to modern times. He was the founder of LA's very first Hip Hop Shop and original street clothing brands like Fatcap, B-boy Antics. His work influenced other brands such as Conart, Tribal, Top 2 Bottom, Stussy, Ecko and many others. Today Hex is a teacher and founder of Arternatives Creative Youth Diversion Programs.

Skill's work can be described as Los Angeles cubo-futurism or simply, hard core graffiti lettering. SKILL's forte is taking oldschool wildstyles and pushing them as far as he can. Influential? Writer's in LA and many abroad say so. Skill is a style educator, crew starter, movement visionary and an idealist. His styles have substance and have earned him respect from others.

Crewest is a gallery that supports some of the most talented underground artists from the West Coast and beyond. The gallery's focus is on urban & graffiti art created through painting, sculpture, digital, and print medias. All of the exhibits housed at Crewest deal with what is current, and significant within the realm of the urban art experience.

Hours of operation:
Tues. thru Thurs.: noon - 7pm
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Closed Mondays (except by appointment only)
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