Jose Alva aka �GERMIZM� Presents "Our Daily Bread"

LA Canvas x Ironlak x Eastside Luv

present new works by Jose Alva aka �GERMIZM�

Our Daily Bread

A modernized interpretation of Chicas de Calendarios Mexicanos

Opening Reception Saturday December 1, 2012 from 5pm-9pm
On View Through Jan 1, 2013

LA Canvas, Ironlak and East Side Love take you to the heart of Los Angeles to experience the cultural phenomenon that is Germizm.

Brought up by the streets of downtown Los Angeles, Jose Alva, evolved from the local graffiti scene to self taught graphic artist and continues to evolve into a skilled mixed media artist. Germ draws inspiration from his colorful upbringing and attributes his style to the bold murals seen on Whittier Boulevard, the underground hip-hop scene and his Chicano background.

In collaboration with LA Canvas, Ironlak and ESL, Germizm will be hosting the exhibition, �Our Daily Bread�, a fresh perspective on traditional Mexican calendars that were so deeply rooted in his childhood. �I associate these calendars with growing up. They were everywhere in East L.A. I mainly recall them in the bakeries I used to go to with my grandmother� Germ reminisces.

These calendars represented a united Mexican identity depicting everything from historical events to beautiful women. The exquisite image of the calendar girl provided an optimistic reminder of the special traditions and unique characteristics of Mexican culture. Germizm will introduce 12 bold pieces on large canvas representing a contemporary understanding of evolved womanhood. What once symbolized the traditional ideal of Hispanic beauty and femininity Germizm will recreate with an urban twist to demonstrate a twenty first century woman within the confines of the original calendario template. For more information on Germ and this event please visit:

or if you are interested in covering this exhibit, please contact Chris Vargas 213.509.8428 or [email protected]

Eastside Luv 1835 East 1st Street, Los Angeles Ca, 90033

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