Kristastrophe Lomeli - From A Poet's Point of View

Kristastrophe Lomeli Photo by Rahten / Clothing by FIRME

"My love of music has turned it into an outlet where I can express myself and give insight on the type of person I am. I have the look of a rocker, but the sound of a true underground hip-hop emcee/poet/songwriter all in one."- Kristastrophe L.

From a Poet's Point of View- Christian "Kristastrophe" Lomeli

When the Poet is producing the beats, writing the lyrics, recording the songs and handling the mix - you are getting a solid reflection of his Point Of View. His inspired ideas are expressed the way he wants them to sound. The points he makes are his own, and he personally chooses how the message is delivered to the public view. Few people have the talents necessary to pull this off, let alone the fortitude to accomplish it. But, my friend Kristastrophe is not just any ordinary poet.

Background: The younger brother of Dario "King Darius" Lomeli, seventh child of eight (from the same parents). Grew up in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA had an infatuation with love poems since his preteen years and has developed into a true wordsmith over the years. Under the mentorship of his brother, Kris learned the art of wrecking the microphone (on stage and in the studio). Once he got his pro tools going, there was no stopping him. Kristastrophe has put out a couple mix-tapes already, and has built a playlist on of his craftwork. His songs show his versatility and willingness to experiment with music. Originality is his strength, because he isn't trying to be something else. His words are real and his representation is honest. His listeners could appreciate that.

Kristastrophe Lomeli Photo by Rahten / Clothing by FIRME

Hard N Da Paint file: Status - Head of the class. Kristastrophe has rocked many-a-show and has earned a reputation in the class for never hesitating to perform. He backed up his bro at the Reign of King Darius release party; he rocked the 420 with Burning Hash show, Misol's Bluntz & Brewskies parties, 2nd St. Jazz, Mariachi Plaza and Olvera Street. He also performed in Las Vegas, and a couple weeks ago he opened up for Kurupt of the D.P.G. Most recently, the Lomeli's have been involved with bringing hip-hop to North Hollywood and organizing live performances at the Universal Bar and Grill Saturday nights, check them out. Kris' participation in the HNDP workshop is inspiring, because as an artist that takes care of business: he's a model student.

It was only a matter of time, before Kristastrophe started orchestrating the beats and engineering the mix-downs of his own recordings. He is an ultimate Do-It-Yourselfer; exercising full creative control and single-handedly producing this EP. At the end of all this hard work, Kristastrophe just smiles and talks about how much fun it was for him. So it is with great pleasure and admiration that we share with you�

Kristastrophe's E.P. - From a Poet's Point of View

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