Rise of the Chikomoztok by Votan and Sal Rojas

Rise from Chikomoztok! by Votan / Photography by Salvador Rojas

Chikomoztok is a Nahuatl word which means seven caves, referring to the story which speaks of the point of our origin as Nahua peoples. Seven are also the stars that our other ancestors considered to be our origin as well through Mayan oral tradition. We chose to call this art event rise from Chikomoztok to touch on the fact that we are aware of our origins and that that place connects us to various indigenous tribes across Turtle Island (America). Our art revolves around the connections we have lost through time and colonization. In today's times, we know that it is crucial to create art where we use the contemporary mediums of spray paint in the form of graffiti, traditional art and computer graphics to promote indigenous consciousness. Embedded in our art is spiritual symbology which continues to transmit our understanding of being unlimited, all possible universal beings! Please feel free to look through the art and see how we are all related!

Nahui Ohlin @ 1511 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Art Work by BHET ONE

Two of the Featured Artists : BHET ONE and VOTAN

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