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There�s an aspect of COMPANY MAN that I�ve never harped on for fear of running the risk of alienating white readers and that�s the multi-cultural aspect of the comic universe I�ve been developing. I�m not against white superheroes but that field�s been covered back to front by the Big Two so there�s not much I would or could add but Latino, Black, and Asian characters in the world of superheroes are virtually non-existent and when they do appear in comics they are so poorly developed they might as well not be written in. They�re ultimately cannon fodder or used as a cheap shock tactic by the Big Two to pump up sales.

Turning a white character Black is still a shock to the comic world?

A finger-full of Latino and Asian characters exist at the back of the comic book bus and will eventually be killed off to give a plot-line some sense of drama.

I�d read , some years ago in a psyche book, that Latinos and blacks are essentially built to be more family and community minded and regardless of what ,mainstream news shows you, it�s true. So it stands to reason that a Latino, black, or Asian person who discovered super powers would be more inclined to use them to help others and that eventually led to me developing the storyline that would become Company Man.

When you start to mention diversity in comics people tend to roll their eyes and groan because they expect your characters to be Super Black Man or Captain Latino and I�d never waste anyone�s time on something so stupid, empty, and clich�. My characters are more than just their culture. The focus is not on their consumption of rice and beans. They�re not criminals trying to do good and redeem themselves as they almost always are in mainstream comics. They are people with hopes and dreams and motivations as deep as those that move the white superheroes to do what they do.

You don�t have to support men personally but support what I�m bringing to the table. A spin on the superhero theme that�s well thought out, with heart and depth and continuity. Everyone can be a hero if they choose to, even brown folks.

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Written and Illustrated by Pete Hernandez III

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