Smoking Mirrors Gallery Presents: Do Us Part

The Mexica / Aztecs had a deity named Tezcatlipoca. He was the god of the nocturnal sky and the embodiment of change through conflict. He was also known as the �Smoking Mirror.� In the Mexica religion his main ceremony was the Toxcatl and it was celebrated in the month of May.

One of my favorite galleries, �Smoking Mirrors Gallery� is named after Tezcatlipoca and is dedicated to the Mexican / Chicano art movement. The gallery is located twenty miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the city of Pomona, California. It has an authentic feel that�s lacking in a lot of other high profile galleries that are more about hipsters and red carpets than the art work itself. Smoking Mirrors is supported by real gente and artists creating the art from their corazon.

On Saturday, May 18, 2013 Smoking Mirrors Gallery presented �DO US PART� group art show celebrating the sketch book release of well-respected artist Johnny Quintana of the Ink Shop Tattoo Parlor.

The group art show opened up with live Aztec Dancing by Kalpulli Tezcacuauhtli and featured a Lowrider car show in front of the gallery. Inside the gallery walls, over thirty of the most talented artists were featured: Antonio Mejia, Chuey Quintanar, Placaso, Chente, Fonzy, Alan Padilla, Macko, Inspired One, Big Ceeze, Luis Arias, and Franco Vescovi were a few of the artists on display.

Here is a selection of my photographs on the event and the art work.
Mexica Tiahui / Go Forward Mexican People,
Salvador Rojas

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