Book Review : Arte Del Varrio by NENE

Sick Jacken and NENE | Photography by Sal Rojas Photography

Arte Del Varrio by NENE

Hailing from the varrios of Comptone, California tattoo artist NENE has released his first art book titled "Arte Del Varrio". NENE's art book reflects his life and his influences growing up in the varrio. His book is a study of the classic Chicano-based prison art movement. As a youngster NENE studied the home-grown art form from family members and homies that were serving time in La Torcida (prison), even spending time locked up himself. He continued to work on his craft and style and has moved onto the professional tattoo industry where he is known for his realistic tattoo portraits.

This book is an homage to traditional Chicano imagery, with sixty pages of original art featuring chola angels, Aztec warriors, beautiful clowns and vintage pachucos in carefully crafted illustrations. This art book belongs in your library if you're a fan of Chicano arte and cultural. I got my personalized copy for my amoxcalli (library).

Salvador Rojas / Con Safos

Arte Del Varrio by NENE
  • 8.5"x11"
  • Card stock paper
  • High-Gloss Cover
  • Wire bound

Official Website : | Mi Vida Loca Tattoos by NENE

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