New Video : Backstabbing Love by Isuppose

I Suppose BIO:

As 1/3 of Los Angeles based Hip Hop group, Rhyme Addicts; I Suppose has been very active in the underground movement for over a decade. From organizing over 500 Hip Hop events, recording songs with artists such as Crooked I, Tha Alkaholiks and Infamous Mobb to touring Europe, Mexico and the United States, his consistancy has be unmatched in recent years. Currently on the "Request Your City Tour" alongside Phora, Style Crafters and Anthro Beats, I Suppose's fan base grows daily, and his music spreads more and more every hour. "The RYC Tour is a city to city tour I started with my dude Phora. The idea is perform in the cities our fans request. Last summer we did like 45 cities, this summer we're even more powerful, selling out 80% of our concerts." Having shared staged with artists such as Crooked I, Psycho Realm, Rakim, KRS-ONE, Cormega, Dilated Peoples, and almost everyone imaginable, I Suppose isn't interested in headliner shows anymore. "Opening up for the legends is fun, that's it. Nothing really come sout of those opportunities. This past year, I have been headlining my own shows or co headlining with Phora. The fans come out to see us, they buy our merchandise, they spread our music. It's beautiful." With a touring schedule that includes the United States, Canada, Brazil, Europe and Mexico, 2013-2014 is going to be an amazing year for I Suppose. "I'm part of a group, always have, always will. Im not a solo artist, but recently started releasing some solo songs just to build more fans and the response has been amazing. I remember headlining my first legit show in Pasadena and over 150 people came out to see me, it was kind of surreal. Get with it folks. Im here."

Backstabbing Love - Youtube Video Link

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