Time is on my Side - Fonzy, Macko and Savior Reds

Macko Tattooing Mr. Fonzy / Photography by Sal Rojas

TIME IS ON MY SIDE � Fonzy, Macko and Savior Reds

SUFFER NOW PAY LATER / Photography by Sal Rojas

Fullerton, Califonia � California is home to some of the best tattoo artists in the world. Among them is the koolcat Fonzy who works out of his personal tattoo studio �Greaskull Tattoo Alley� in the city of Fullerton, California (723 S. Harbor Blvd. Fullerton CA. 92832). Tattoo collectors from around the world visit daily to get an original �Fonzy� piece for their body art collection.

At last nights photo shoot, Fonzy was the one getting tattooed by visiting tattoo master Macko. Macko is an Italian-based tattooist and one of the best artists from Europe, known for his fine-line black and grey skills.

Fonzy met Macko overseas at major Tattoo Conventions like London�s famous �Tattoo Convention�. Macko has been busy traveling southern California tattoo studios making his rounds at other classic spots like Jose Lopez�s Lowrider Tattoo in Fountain Valley and Vatican Studios in Lake Forest.

Fonzy�s tattoo piece is based on the classic song �Time is on my Side� by the Rolling Stones.

Maximo Rispek!
Salvador Rojas Photography

Fonzy is happy with his new tattoo. / Photography by Sal Rojas

Time is on my Side Tattoo / Photography by Sal Rojas

instagram @ mackotattoo and @fonzygreaskull55 / Photography by Sal Rojas

Macko and Fonzy / Photography by Sal Rojas

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