Made in Los Angeles - Group Art Show March 8th

This March 8th 2014 Smoking Mirrors Gallery in the city of Pomona celebrates the opening of "Made In Los Angeles" brought to you by VNDTA clothing brand. The Pomona art district opens its door every second Saturday of the month to display new exhibits in their monthly Pomona Art Walk. The Smoking Mirrors Galllery is located at 565 W. Second Street Unit 5 Pomona, California 9176 in the heart of Pomona, California.

Contributing Artists and Photographers:
Alo, Aloy, Antonio, Chamako, Chris Brand, Cold One, D.A. Designs, Ed Gutter, Evan Skrederstu, Famous8, Felipe Morales,Jezebel, Juan Teyer, Karel Beck, Kasper Malecki, Moises Pedraza, Noah Kast Teran, Kitore,Krazy Race, Krown 187, Lucky Hellcat, Michael Escargera, Mr. Rhyhm, Paul Barrientos, Phowl, Pryer, Rebel Vandal, Rawr, Ricardo Estrada, Robert Yager, Sal Rojas, Solstiz, Spine, Stagma One Son, Sunny Boy, Takashi Kikuchi, Tyson Pedroza, Ulises Vazquez, and Valerie Vargas

Smoking Mirrors Gallery
565 W. Second Street Unit 5
Pomona, California 91766

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