Calle 13 - Adentro - New Video

CALLE 13 confronts the guns, violence and materialism of hip-hop fame with video for new single "Adentro".

Joined By A Longtime Personal Hero... Baseball Legend WILLIE MAYS

In a powerful new video outspoken Grammy Winners Calle 13 challenges the Hip-Hop community about violent posturing without understanding true hardship. And in an emotional and blunt self-confessional moment, Calle 13 MC Residente turns back to the guidance of a respected boyhood idol to help him destroy his own missteps over fame and materialism - demolishing his own Maserati purchased as a misguided quest for image and status.

"The message I'm looking to send to young people by destroying my own car, which at one point represented the ostentatious excesses in my life, is infinitely more valuable than the car itself. The fact that society places so much value on these supposed luxuries has resulted in kids who are willing to kill for them. When the legendary Willie Mays, who like Roberto Clemente is one of the most accomplished and respected baseball players of all time, gives me the bat that I use to destroy the car full of guns and bling, it symbolizes the power of wisdom and experience overcoming the shallow goals of gangsterism. It reconnects me with my early grounding in sports and the important life lessons it helped me learn. Mr. Mays was incredibly generous with his time and, as I am a huge fan, it was a dream come true to be in his presence."- Residente (Rene Perez) of Calle 13

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