Livin' Proof Vol. 1 by Big Tiny - Book Review

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Let me introduce you to inmate number K58345, Lancaster State Prison. His birth name is Alan E. Ayala, but his friends and associates refer to him as Big Tiny. He was born and raised in Orange County in Southern California to parents of Mexican descent. Big Tiny is a former gang-member who turned his life around. This book is a testament to his struggles, perseverance, and artistic talents.

Official Unauthorized Ink Store | Livin' Proof Vol. 1 (82 6"X9" Color Pages Soft Cover)

"Livin� Proof Vol. 1" is like a personal case-file mixed with an artist�s portfolio of design work and photography. He opens up the book with his story of being in prison and picking up a handmade tattoo gun to survive in the prison system. The first art piece shown in the book is a Chicana girl drawn prison-style with a ball-point-pen; he drew it while incarcerated at Lancaster State Prison in 1999.

Once Big Tiny was paroled from prison he went back to school and received a degree in graphic design. Realizing that computers were the future, he combined his gritty street style with clean vector art work. He was able to turn his prison cell reality into his digital dream.

Only a handful of artists can master different creative mediums. This book showcases Big Tiny's range as a tattoo artist and graphic designer. He has travelled the world as a well-respected black and grey tattooist. The book also features multiple album covers he designed for various hip-hop artists. He has also designed graphic tees for some of the most well-known street brands on the West Coast. This book captures the essence of why Big Tiny is a highly sought after graphic designer in the fashion and music industry.

He currently serves as an art director to the underground kings the Psycho Realm, and runs his own clothing line and company called �Unauthorized Ink�, homage to his humble roots.

Official Big Tiny Websites: | instagram/bigtiny_ui

Big Tiny is truly �Living the Dream�.

Con Safos,
Salvador RojasDigital Aztlan Studios

Living the Dream by Big Tiny (Grind Now Shine Now Art Gallery - Carson, California March 2014)

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