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"Mariachi Muerto", the Corpus Christi native rap/rock band, was first started by frontman Ruben Lopez and Rythm guitarist Mark Pantoja in the middle of 2003. The two had discussed all their favorite bands and artists in that time. Pantoja, a die hard metal fan, and Lopez, a rap enthusiast who was at the time working on his own rap career, both agreed that the relative number of groups in the city that combined both of their respective genres was incredibly scarce, and that a group that could blend, innovate and respect the roots of each genre would make considerable waves in a city that was filled to the brim with radio friendly rock and hardcore artists. This was the seed that would eventually grow into the formation of a group, which they felt, would do exactly this. so they came up with a name, Mariachi Muerto, that they felt would embody the goals and attitude of the kind of group they wanted to create The two were unable to bring any of their talk into action as Lopez had left the city, touring in his rap career, supporting and working with Latino Jams artists "Capone" and "El Criminal". Pantoja, similarly, began playing with local rock/metal groups in order to network the city's music scene and seek new types of music to draw influence from. For the time being, Mariachi Muerto would have to be put on the back burner. Years would pass before they could talk of this project again.

In 2011, after backing away from his rap music persona/career and working as a saftey advisor for several years, Ruben Lopez was arrested and incarcerated. He was soon released and put on parole, but it was that very time in prison that he really reflected on the things he wanted from his life. He had decided that he was not ready to step away from music, he had decided that he was going to form the group he had always wanted and he would do everything possible for it to become recognized. Once released, he immediately contacted Pantoja in order to find the necessary members for the group. Their drummer was found in Lee Roy Lerma, a room mate of Pantoja's, who was also a skilled guitarist and had been trying to find a group of determined players to write with.. He produced three of the four songs on the the group's debut E.P. and help them establish and develop the band's sound into what it is today. With the foundation of the group now firmly cemented, they turned their attention to finding a bassist that could not only accent the music, but also provide a stable back bone for the more rap/hip-hop oriented movements of the music. They found this in long time friend Roger Vela, who had recently ended his bass duties with another local Corpus Christi band and was looking to venture into new territory. The band immediately found a great deal of influence in bands and artists of their genre (such as Rage Against the Machine, 3rd Strike, Hed P.E. and former N.W.A member Ice Cube) and began crafting the songs they believed would make them heavy, have room for plenty of groove oriented riffs and make them unique from any other band in the Corpus Christi area.

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