Senny Sosa by Ritmo Machine ft. Sen-Dog

Sen-Dog of Cypress Hill
Mixmaster and producer Latin Bitman combined with Cypress Hill�s Eric Bobo have created a wave of sounds based on a fusion of Caribbean percussion and digital dub, electronic raw beats, and clean deejay cuts. The project would eventually become "Ritmo Machine". Ritmo Machine got its start while the two were on tour in South America. While both Bobo and Latin Bitman have similar taste in music and sounds, their musical backgrounds are very different. The Ritmo Machine is a hybrid made of equal parts old-school hip-hop, traditional Latin music, and progressive electronica.

Latin Bitman + Eric Bobo
What can be said of Eric Bobo that has not already been said in the past? He's a former member of The Beastie Boy�s band and son of the legendary Latin Jazz musician Willie Bobo. He is currently a member of Latino hip-hop powerhouse supergroup Cypress Hill. Bobo has recorded and performed with a diverse range of artists, including The Black Crowes, 311, Gnarls Barkley, Rage Against The Machine, Smashing Pumpkins, Ella Fitzgerald, and Fort Minor (feat. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park).

Latin Bitman is one of the most well-known Chilean DJs on the international scene. He has a successful solo career and has collaborated with many artists from different genres, such as Sen-Dog from Cypress Hill, Francisca Valenzuela, DJ Raff, Los Tetas and Anita Tijoux. In 2011 they would release their National Records duet album titled �Welcome To The Ritmo Machine�. The latest single and music video features rap vocals by original Cypress Hill member Sen-Dog aka Senny Sosa.

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Ritmo Machine feat. Sen Dog - Senny Sosa

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