Review of the Zen Show 12.12.2002

For those of you who attended the hip-hop gathering at the Zen, December 12th, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your presence in supporting the movement. Yea, once again it's on! If Thursday was any indication of what to expect this coming year from the 5th Battalion shows, two-dubolow-3 promises to be banging. It felt good to see the crews congregating together again in peaceful unity to honor this ancient art form we've grown to love called hip-hop (praise Jah y'all).

The homies from ETC, sparked the room and blazed the mics keeping it real and staying true to form. With Dissnfranchised, JayDubbs and ERock rocked the spot with consciousness. It never ceases to amaze me how Krazy Race delivers the heat again and again (on time, every time). Big ups to Marky, Keep living them hydroponic dreams, brother. This is dedicated to all those who lived to die...for the struggle. Spilled tears dry with time; but, spilled blood is never forgotten.

Now, I'm talking about "pistols and holsters, rhymes and beats." ILL-FAME has electrified the circuit, serving the underground fanatics with the raw product (that proves to be of the ILLest nature). Sacred, R-sinol and Shady roam the stage like three lyrical technicians swinging double-edged swords, delivering this message to the sleepers, "open your eyes, Look! see death waiting in the corners". Testimony of the times.

Another crew that can capture the essence of today's concrete jungle is Los Tumbados. Even incorporating congas into the live hip-hop band to give it that tropical flavor. These tecoloxones have succeeded in recreating the ambiance of the urban selva through sound. They also represent for a lot of muthafukas "stuck on the bottom, and can't get up." Myself included.

Tha Answer is available for all who search. Because GOD is great and loved the world so much he sent his only son so that all those who believe in him shall not perish but find everlasting life. Sometimes I think my purpose in life is to bear witness of the righteous vibe that overwhelms the crowd when Tha Answer gives thanks and praises to the most high. My admiration lies in the brothers' boldness when speaking in JAH's name. There is nothing greater.

His Strength is our courage,

Gato Naphtalli

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