Bial Hclap's "El Viaje" - Music Video

In recent years Mexican Hip-Hop has really had a boom of new talent. Hip-Hop and rap music has gone from having a handful of rappers, DJs and producers to thousands of artists and groups. One of those key players in Mexico is Guadalajara, Mexico-based Humberto Loopz aka Bial Hclap. He is a veteran of the homegrown Hip-Hop scene, who got his started out as an emcee and producer back in 2001. Since then he has worked with the biggest, hottest names in Mexico, such as Eptos Uno, Caballeros del Plan G, Banda Baston, Serko Fu, Sekreto, Pato Machete, Mike Diaz, Elote el B�rbaro and just about any emcee that matters in Mexico.

Bial Hclap's ITunes Official Link

Earlier in the year Bial Hclap released a 6 track instrumental EP titled Hierbass Morenas and now this time he is releasing a single called �El Vieje� along with its official music video. The track rocks a mean trumpet played by Arturo de la Torre; and rapper Gallo Negro. The result of the song was a hot jazz meets dance-hall cut, fueled by a touch of Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop. The video is a collage of animations that pay tribute to eighties video games arcades. The video was produced and directed by the Chilean Maria Teresa Barros, who lives in Mexico that she created with a programs and processes using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Flash.

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