Bounce by MLKMN featuring El Dusty - Music Video

Don�t miss the world premiere of MLKMN's (Oscar Botello) new video titled "BOUNCE" featuring El Dusty (Dusty Oliveira).

MLKMN is a well-known producer who has made beats for artists such as Colombia's Juanes and Mexico's RBD. Now he's behind the microphone with his first major label debut "Milkstape", that's being released by Universal Music Latin Entertainment.

MLKMN was born in Monterrey, Mexico, raised in Laredo, Texas, and is currently living in Miami, Florida. His multicultural upbringing is reflected in his music. You can hear his diverse musical influences of Rap-Eletro-Cumbia-Latin-Tejano music.

MLKMN teamed up with El Dusty, aka DJ Dus a well-respected DJ and Hip-Hop / Nu-Cumbia producer based out of Corpus Christie, Texas. El Dusty is the beat-smith behind the production of the single "BOUNCE".

The video was filmed in DJ Dus' hometown of Corpus Christie and features Dusty cruising the downtown Corpus Christie streets in a bright-orange-technicolor-style Chevy Impala with MLKMN sitting shotgun spitting catchy English and Spanish lyrics behind a beat that's guaranteed to be club banger.

Written by Salvador Rojas

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    The "BOUNCE" music video was directed by Mexican-based agency, Mucho Fresco.

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