Is the Nazi Gestapo Regime patrolling Perris, California?

I arrived in Perris early Friday morning. I waited to drink a coffee with Grandma, and eat a traditional breakfast of avena (outmeal). I like to talk to her and partake of her wisdom. I cherish her counsel, and since she taught me the Lord's Name, I'm always seeking her advice. Plus, over my lifetime we have formed a special friendship like none other in this world.

So I joined her in a morning ritual of regando las plantas ( watering the plants) and was sweeping down the backyard patio, when my Uncle told me he was going to the market for some tortillas. I decided to accompany him since it was a nice morning, besides, a brisk walk would do me some good. Since we were passing by the swapmeet, I take some see deez with me- always hustling, ya know. But, we didn't even get two blocks away when babylon rolled up on us. They jumped out of their squad car with "hands on their pistols" barking at us to put our "hands on da hood". Good Lord! What did we do this time? I gave them my name and birhtdate, but they still demanded me to prove it with a picture I.D. "wait a minute, officer, I'm just wearing sweatpants (slept in them), going for a walk to the store. Don't people do that anymore?" He gave me a look like, "Not in my town, pilgrim." "Why are you stopping us, anyways?", just wondering. "Oh, It's 'cause we're conducting a criminal investigation." For future reference: "we're conducting a criminal investigation" is what they say when they have no reasonable suspicion, nor probable cause.

But, back to the crime scene- He tells me, "There's a warrant out for your arrest that has nothing to do with our investigation, so, we're gonna take you in."What? A warrant? For what? "For escaping from a state prison." Get outta here. I've never even been to prison! "Well, Somebody with a name similiar to yours, and with the same birthdate, escaped." But I have a common Mexican name. We're the largest minority now. "Tell it to the judge when he sees you." Stop! If I was an escapee, I wouldn't have told you my name.

But it was to no avail, for Officer Nardone and Deputy Dip-shit Gomez took me away "handcuffed in the back". Al rato, Tio. Tell Grandma I couldn't prove who I wasn't.

When we got to the station, they started interrorgating right away. They wanted to know my whole life story and family history. I told them never, in my entire lifetime, have I been to a prison much less escaped from one. When I was taken to the Riverside County Jail for booking, I figured I could prove that I wasn't the fugitive with my fingerprints. Shouldn't take long, right? Wrong! "We'll take your prints and picture right now, but, you'll have to tell the courts that this isn't you. After the weekend, of course. Oh, look, the warrant's way out in Indio Court. Don't worry, we'll provide free transportation... shackled down and with leg chains, though." Great.

On Monday, I was charged with escaping from a state prison in Blythe, California. I learned the escapee had the same first and last name, but had a middle name that I have never heard before. Still, the judge told me it wasn't enough. Unfortunately for me, the court didn't have a picture nor a copy of the inmates prints. "We were just faxed the complaint outta Blythe. That's where we'll send you. We'll schedule you in courtdate on their calender for the latter end of next week. Don't worry, we'll provide you with free housing until then... and transportation." Thanks. The problem is: they send me to Blythe Jail, bring me back to Indio Jail, and then take me back to Blythe Jail, again. This choreographed procedure of musical chairs is very common, since the Riverside Sherriff's Department gets paid for each transport, each way. So they accumulate frequent flyer miles with prisoners and the taxpayers get the bill.

But back to my story- I get to the Blythe courtroom and the director from the Eagle Mountain State Prison is there; but, the mug-shot photo she has of the escapee is a bad photocopy. And his fingerprints are in Sacramento, Ca. Although she doesn't recognize me as the escapee, they point out the he had tattoos on his right arm and chest. Sure, I have some cursive writing on my collar bone and old english on the back of my arms. Shit! I were my hair low and sport a moustache, too. Is that illegal in the Southwest states? Too bad. "You're just gonna have to wait 'til tommorrow, 'til the director brings a better picture copy or something? Don't worry, we'll set for early in the morning and we'll provide accomations for the night." Lord, help me.

Morning eventually came around and I woke up to find out that the escaped inmate had a shaved head, shaved eyebraws and a tattoo of the calendaria aztecatl on his chest. "Oh, yeah- his birthdate is a different day, on a different month in a different year but it was a simple mistake. Could've happened to anyone. By the way, we lost your property on one those bus runs, but don't you worry- we'll provide you with something to walk out in." No problem.

So here I am at a greyhound stop, a few miles from the arizona desert, wondering how many times this really happens. When legal procedure weighs more than human rights. It's a shame, and all this in a "nation, under god (mind you), indivisible- with liberty and justice for all"... I don't think so.

P.S.- If there's anyone out there reading this that can help me with legal representation in filing a lawsuit against Riverside County, Riverside Sherriff's Department, the Perris Police Department or civil lawsuits against Officer Nardone and Officer Gomez- please email me. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

thank you for your time,

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