Job Moscot of Explicit Ink / Mala Suerte Co.

Job Moscot Cortes was born in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, a town which borders Reynosa, a city in the northern part of Tamaulipas, Mexico. His Mexican roots derive from a small town of Tafetan, Michoacan, a small town southeast of Morelia. Born in the United States from migrant workers, Job spent a large part of his early life following the crops and working the fields. It wasn�t until 1992 when Job had a revelation in a cornfield in Illinois. He realized that this life was not the type of life he wanted to live. It was with this motivation that Job attended college and received his Bachelor�s Degree in Fine Arts specializing in Communication Design from Texas State University.

Now, Job is a professional graphic artist and photographer. He has had the opportunity to work in the Chicano Entertainment Industry with several Latino Hip-Hop artists including: El Dusty, Low G, Los Marijuanos, Lil Young, Tattoo Ink, Kinto Sol, Capone, El Criminal, and El Gordo, to name a few. Working with such artists gave him the opportunity to travel throughout the USA; visiting Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York City and everywhere in between.

Job has also had the opportunity to work with top notch tattoo artists such as Cleen Rock One, Tony Uno, Sieto Maldonado, Mike Luera, Tony Reyes, Sir Twice, and Johnny "Mala Suerte" Garza. Working with tattoo artists only sparked his creativity and desire to produce better work. Job teamed up with Johnny "Mala Suerte" Garza and became part of Mala Suerte Compania in 2002. There was a creative fire as soon as these two started collaboration on designs. Johnny and Job have a great understanding of each other's style, talents, and strengths and they have a great creative chemistry together.

Keeping up with his Mexican tradition, Job has designed several "Dia De Los Muertos" graphic tees which are available for purchase on Job started working with Sal Rojas of back in 2008, working together on multiple designs for Firme Clothing and collaborating on different creative projects.

Job is currently working on a series of wood cut prints which will be released in 2015.

"The best part of having creative friends is discussions ideas, sharing thoughts on the idea, doing rough sketches and seeing it come to life in the completion stage. There is a feeling not only of accomplishment but a good feeling that you created something together." Job Moscot / Explicit Ink Designs.

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