I Can Fly by Ronin Gray

"I Can Fly" written by Ronin Gray

Produced by CP
Directed by Angelo Costa

The track was magically orchestrated by young and up and coming producer/singer/songwriter CP of Art Club INTL. CP is a native of New York City's lower east side so blending his music with Ronin Gray's lyrics whom is a Los Angeles native made for intersting chemistry and collaboration. The video is directed by Angelo Costa who has a special knack for capturing the emotion of Ronin's lyrics and impact of his words. In the video Ronin plays a type of temptaion to the lead characters conscience who is played by Rascal. Rascal is forced to make a decision between right and wrong. Find out what happens when Ronin puts it all on the table for him...

"I can fly" is featured on Ronin's most recent EP which was released via Datpiff.
Datpiff link : http://piff.me/7af409d

For more info visit RoninGray.com
instagram: @RoninGray
twitter: @RoninGray
FaceBook: facebook.com/roningray

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