PEACE & UNITY SHOW presented by 5th Battalion

presented by 5th Battalion
at THE GARAGE 4519 Santa Monica Blvd. @ Virgil
in Silver Lake
9 p.m. until - 21 and over

PEACE & UNITY in a time of pending war is a message that many carry in their hearts.

Fear keeps many silent. Thursday March 6, the underground peace brigade of LA will rise up and make some noise in the name of Peace. This show is for anyone tired of the hate and for everyone ready to regulate a world order, ordered by the People and for the People. Fifth Battalion along with an eclectic caravan of bands and poets asks you to join them in a celebration of humanity set to the harmony of some of Los Angeles most dynamic and soulful ensembles.

This all night vibe session hosted by J-Dubs of Disenfranchised features live performances by the underground peace brigade of LA including the ELEMENTS OF THE OUTER REALM, a seven-piece band out of Long Beach that lays spoken word lyrics over multi-dimensional beats that range from hip-hop to classical. CRITICAL BRASS is New Orleans brought to you live by Los Angeles very own second-line. Their big brass sound brings old school swing, gospel and funk into the mix. UGLY % are twelve year veterans in the rap game whose rhymes are home grown from their grassroot following up to the mic that they most surely will rock. EL VUH's spoken word style mixes ancient themes of indigenous repression with a rebellious fist and drum laden beats. When Jah speaks THE ANSWER listens, their lyrics are only outweighed by their conviction to the unity of humanity through knowledge and understanding. Every reggae beat and hip hop sway leaves the audience wanting more answers to the many questions we all carry.

The evening will also host poets ariel robello, erika hayasaki, I.B., Victor E, Babu & Jason Hardwick whose word arias are guarantee to pry open even the most close minded head with messages of hope, rebellion and solidarity with those amongst us who know what persecution still exists in our world.

For those of you who don't know 5th Battalion has been providing a venue for positive under ground Latino acts to showcase their skills for 5 years. The PEACE & UNITY show is a chance for the 5th to unite with other scenes who share the common themes and an unconditional love for music. The 5th is testimony to the power music has to redirect our anger into a positive celebration of what the people united are capable of when they put down their colors, guns and fears and open their ears to a message of change.

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