Call for Poems, Songs and Raps

MCR Productions in conjunction with Dr. Pancho McFarland of the Center for the Applied Study of American Ethnicity at Colorado State University invite Chicano youth ages 12-25 to submit your poetry, rap and song lyrics and short stories for possible inclusion in the book, Desde el Barrio: Revolutionary Songs and Poems from Our Chicano Streets. All writers, rappers and poets are encouraged to submit work related to the themes of social change and revolution. As you write consider the following questions: What is your world like? and What should it be like? The editors of the book, Mark Ramirez and Pancho McFarland, want to know what is going on in your barrios and communities and what you think ought to happen. Themes could include love, friendship, the cops, the government, the schools, family, ancestry, culture, race relations and racism, the court system, the environment, food, health, violence, guns, war, peace, barrio warfare, the economy, work, relationships, boyfriends and girlfriends, the land, city streets, heroes and heroines, drug use, alcoholism, pleasure, desire, sex, machismo, armed revolution, sexism, homosexuality and homophobia, descriptions of your barrio or community. Don't place limits on your imagination and creativity. We welcome other themes related to revolution and social change. If you'd like to see one or more of your writings in print, send one copy of your work to Dr. McFarland or MCR Productions by December 31, 2003 at the addresses below:

Dr. Pancho McFarland
Center for the Applied Study of American Ethnicity
Clark C127
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
Email submissions: [email protected]

MCR Productions
6745 Washington Ave. # 188
Whittier, CA 90601
Email submissions : [email protected]

Once all entries have been received the editors will select some for inclusion in the book. If your work is selected you will be notified and we will ask your permission to publish it.

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