ODM's Raza Radio - Inland Empire, CA

ODM sporting the "Firme" Gear!

ODM of Lighter Shade of Brown
I started working at 991 KGGI back in November of 99�. Jesse Duran came to a street party I was at and offered me a gig on the radio. I was honored, I took the offer, and started doing weekends. Before you knew it I was doing overnights in a matter of time. I did that for 3 months and then they offered me to do nights 7 to Midnight. So now I�m here and experiencing a new part of the industry. Before I was the artist being played on the radio, now I�m on the radio playing my own music. It�s a trip that I�m here, but I�m having fun and that�s what it�s about. My message to people is thank you for supporting me as a recording artist, as well as an �on air personality�. I will continue to provide the best show I can for the people of the IE, and continue dropping hits in the future. Go for you goals and don�t let nothing or no one stand in your way!!

Flossing the "Pass The Mic!" DVD on Raza Radio.

Promoting the new DVD live on the air(3.14.2003).

99.1 KGGI - Inland Empire, Ca
ODM Weeknights 6-10pm
Raza Raza Fridays 10pm-11pm

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