Raza Related Rap Show - Premieres This Weekend 3.22.03

(BP) - A new radio show has infiltrated the air waves in Corpus Christi, Tejas, the "Raza Related Rap Show" airs on Saturday and Sunday nights from 9p.m. until Midnight! The first show broadcasts on March 22nd and it will cause the corporate radio stations to wonder what the f*** happened as well as where did all their P1's go. How do you say? Simple, play the music the gente wants to hear. Now that doesn't sound to difficult right? Then why hasn't any major radio station put Raza on regular rotation instead of just one time slot on Sundays? Everyone knows that the radio industry is a tricky business and not too many program directors want to give the opportunity to a Latino artist.

Latino Jam Records has kicked down the door at KFLZ 106.9, an independently owned radio station in Corpus Christi, Tejas, which just happens to be owned by Mexicans. Davila Broadcasting was the only radio station willing to put their name behind this project and help Latino Jam Records to open the eyes of the many people that thought Latin Hip-Hop/Chicano Rap can not and will not be played on the radio. Latino Jam Records has taken matters into their own hands and took over the air waves putting it down for La Raza on the radio.

So on Saturday and Sunday nights if you are fortunate enough to live in south Tejas, tune in to 106.9 fm KFLZ at 9pm and judge for yourself. Capone, Reina, and Brownboy are going to have a music selection so dope and diverse that even if a corporate station tried to battle us, they wouldn't even know how to battle us. The Raza Related Rap show is now on the air, spinning the music that the other stations couldn't, even if they tried...

If you have questions about the show write to:

KFLZ 106.9 FM
701 Benys Road
Corpus Christi, Texas 78408

Or call: 361.289.0999 radio station or Latino Jam Records at 254.718.7688.
Latino Jam Records

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