Hecho En Mexico - Kinto Sol

Kid Frost

I remember the first time I saw the music video "La Raza" by Kid Frost on FOX Television's popular rap/hip-hop music series, "Pump It Up" in 1990. It was the first time our Chicano Lifestyle was captured on a classic hip-hop song and video. The eastside barrio street style of homeboys, Lowriders, along with the giant Kid Frost Mural pieced by famed graffiti artist Hector "Hex" Rios, exposed the world to Los Angeles Hip-Hop, Brown Pride Estilo!

Kid Frost's video was not only ground breaking, but it also helped shape the future of Latin Hip-Hop. Along with other pioneering artists such as Cypress Hill and Lighter Shade of Brown to name a few.

Since then, I haven't witness a music video that carried the same impact as "La Raza," until I watched "Hecho En Mexico." A music video from a Milwaukee-based hip-hop group known as Kinto Sol. Similar to "La Raza" which was a song dedicated to our race, "Hecho En Mexico" is a Spanish rap song dedicated to our motherland, Mexico.

From the opening frame you know you're watching something completely different from your typical MTV fashion-based hip-hop music videos. "Hecho En Mexico" is filled with pure reality; you get the sense it was made exclusively for our people to enjoy. Filmed straight from legendary Tenochtitlan (modern-day Mexico City) and Teotihuacan (Place of the Gods), Kinto Sol delivers another Latin-influenced-hypnotic-beat with visually stunning "Amores Perros" style imagery from Mexico's largest metropolis. From the Avenue of the Dead (Teotihuacan, Mexico) to the Mexican b-boys break dancing in Zocalo Square (Mexico City), "Hecho En Mexico" is a musical and visual journey through 2000 years of history captured in a single video, incredible!

Con Safos,
Sal Rojas | Digital Aztlan

Hecho en Mexico by Digital Aztlan
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