Elegants Bicycle Club - Montebello, CA

The Boulevard

For decades Whittier Blvd. has been world renowned for its low riding movement, from classic bombs cruising to oldies to modern day SUVs bumping hip-hop. Whittier has been a Mecca for the low rider movement. This urban art form is taught to our youngsters at an early age through the art of modifying low rider bikes. From the city of Montebello, California a group of Chicano youth have been keeping the tradition alive on the Boulevard, cruising their modified low rider bikes with style and pride.

Every Sunday the Elegants Bicycle Club gathers together and cruises up and down Whittier Blvd. With more than 20 members deep, the Elegants make their present felt ever time they hit the boulevard in unison. That's how we met up their bicycle club and decided to sponsor them with new shirts sleeved down our company's logos to represent the real with the real.

The Elegant Bicycle Club will be featured on a future Urban Latino TV episode. As well as other segments on the history of BrownPride.com and its influence on the hip-hop culture, Eric Cubiche the #1 rated Los Angeles DJ from 100.3 the Beat, and Hollywood's Suspect Entertainment are all currently being edited for their fall programming...

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