Tony Touch on The Hip Hop Show | Sept. 26th

Episode #1506 The Hip Hop Show

Eric Cubiche, Tony Touch, DJ Suprema and Big Citric

This week (Friday, September 26th 2003) on a special edition of The Hip Hop Show, legendary Dj Tony Touch of the Rock Steady Crew (NYC) stopped by the set. Known to Latinos world wide as Tony Toca, Tony is recognized in the streets as the King of Mixed Tapes. Tune in this Friday where he shares knowledge on the Hip Hop game and flexes some of his patented turntable skills. Tony is getting ready to drop his followed up album titled "The Piece Maker 2" coming out this November 11th.

While Tony Touch is holding it down for the Latinos on the East Coast, 5th Battalion, Krazy Race, and D-boogie and Guaranteed 1 are also featured this week. 5th Battalion, O.T.W., and Digital Aztlan just released their much anticipated compilation titled "The Never Ending Battle", a double CD featuring 39 songs from different artists from throughout California. Performing live songs off the compilation are the brother duo of D-boogie (formerly of Latin Frozz) and Guaranteed 1, and the group Krazy Race out of Southeast Los Angeles area. Krazy Race performed their track "Illuminati", the song that has been getting a lot of attention for bringing out the truth on the George Bush war machine. D-boogie and Guaranteed 1 bring the heat on their "The Never Ending Battle" compilation track titled "Underground", representing world wide for all the underdogs trying to make in the music industry, but keeping it underground...

Photographs by Sal Rojas / Digital Aztlan

Krazy Race performing their joint "Illuminati".

D-boogie and Guaranteed 1 performing their joint "Underground" off the compilation.

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