Art show opening | Henchmen and Cronies

The Community Self- Determination Institute (CSDI) and Artists With A Vision premiers an exhibit of characters by a cast of characters, MIDZT, GZER,VYAL, and DUCE, some of Los Angeles� most prolific graffiti artists. In the neck-breaking speed at which graffiti art evolves, characters play vital roles in the development of this urban aesthetic.

Incarnated in spraypaint, acrylics and other media, these characters embody the artists� often comical and satirical worldview. Whether they are twisted, surreal visions or poignant political criticisms, they reflect both the darkest and most light-hearted aspects of our humanity. As simple one-dimensional characters or complex multi-colored dioramic images, on walls or on canvases, graffiti characters demand attention and challenge spectators with their wit.

Once again, Artists With A Vision and CSDI brings you another show that will rattle your senses with mind-blowing art straight from L.A. As always, music will be spinning, poetry will be popping with live spinning and an open mike session. Come one, come all.

Opening Reception
October 4th
Runs October 4 � November 6th

9101 South Hooper Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90002.

Alex Rodriguez
(323) 586-8793
[email protected]

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