poem titled "licence this" by c�sar a. cruz - teolol

Photography by Sal Rojas | Lincoln Heights, CA

license this
i am those illegals
you despise
i am the unwanted
you hate

but maybe, too you, i'm in disguise
or incognito
somehow it's ok
when you're trying to pick us up
for a bargain
outside of home depot
to build your new deck
or touch up your house

it's quite fine if we pick
your over priced fruits & veggies
for your organic grocer
but pay us measly starvation wages

it's all right
if we cook your
cr�me brule
or bus your table
even if we
wipe the shit from your kids� asses but
when we want licenses
'what nerve?!'
'don't they know their place?'

but see
were not asking anymore
you can take your jobs
and shove it

we're organizing and
learning your language
while keeping ours

we haven't bought into
all your lies
even if you repackage them
with coconut his-panic salesmen

we're organizing
and we have no vanguard
moms are on the front lines
en la vecindad
saying to the governor
'sacaremos ese buey de la barranca'
and we know
what's comin'
like south africa
a minority ruled
a part lie
sponsored by the white side
so too here
in kkkalifornia
where the only thing real is
the uncovering of your lies

our struggle
is not about
licenses, or sb-60,
it's about reparations
for you're on our land
and rent's way overdue
now tonantzin
tecumseh and tupac
are all gettin' ready to collect
their due

so go ahead
call me illegal
even though i'm mexican
on mexican land

call me wetback
you're no longer in
a position of power
as you hide behind
minuscule positions
and cower
when we confront your
tactics as a liar-liar

watch us organize
& cripple your economy
as we boycott
every corrupt multinational
in sight
you don't stand a chance
and you can't hide
in the suburbs no more
cuz we're
comin' & runnin'& gunnin'
to get ya
and the boat home (is)
already gone.
c�sar a. cruz - teolol, dec. 12, �03

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