Urban Latino TV - Episode Summary for January 2004

Jan 5th-Jan 11th, 2004-Episode 207
Traffic and The Usual Suspects actor, Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro, find out why top L.A. fashion designer Eduardo Lucero is a Hollywood red carpet favorite, Latinos make their way to the Midwest, a look at Chicago Barrio Pilsen, a revealing, in-depth look into the world of Latino drag queens featuring Chicago�s legendary Miss Ketty, afro Cuban Rhumba Raices Habaneras, and rapper Don Dinero.

Jan 12th-Jan 18th, 2004-Episode 201
Hip Hop legend, renowned deejay and basketball performer, Bobbito Garcia, Legendary Latina actress and Oscar winner, Rita Moreno, Miami indie-rockers, Locos Por Juana, we explore the hottest new customizing trend, Lowrider bicycles, and one of Latin music�s most respected singers, top Salsero, Gilberto Santa Rosa.

Jan. 19th-Jan. 25th, 2004-Episode 202
Award-winning producer and Latin Rock pioneer, Gustavo Santaolalla mixes Tango with electronica to come up with a hot new sound, rising Cuban-American actress Eva Mendes from 2Fast 2Furious and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, BrownPride.com brings Chicano cultura to the world wide web, fashion tips from Miami�s stylist to the stars Irma Martinez, find out which famous American stars are Latino, the hilarious hit play �Latinologues� from famed L.A. writer Rick Najera and meet Beyonce�s co-star from the hit comedy, The Fighting Temptations, Christian rapper, T-Bone

Jan. 26th-Feb 1st, 2004-Episode 208
They've appeared in some of today's hottest music videos, get to know the lovely Latina beauties from the nation's leading urban modeling agency, Ethnicity Models, spend a day at the beach at two popular Latino retreats, New York's Orchard Beach and Miami's South Beach, the inspiring immigrant success story behind New York's top-rated Mama Mexico restaurant, Grammy-nominated heavy metal rockers, Spineshank, we revisit the classic 70s t.v. sitcom, Que Pasa USA with some of the original cast, top Dominican body builder Victor Martinez gives our Johnny some weight-lifting tips, and one of Mexico's premiere Latin alternative bands, El Gran Silencio.

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