Of Mexican Descent Documentary Short Film

2Mex and Xololanxinxo met in 1990 and formed the hip-hop group OMD. Through this short doc, 2Mex & Xololanxinxo show us how L.A. underground hip-hop functions and OMD survives as �smart artists� by making their music from home, then distributing it to record stores. What�s captured isn't a typical concert movie or music-video product but a how-to guide that also foregrounds the duo's personalities. 2Mex entertainingly breaks down the five steps of making a CD, from using a "mama" CD burner that makes "babies" to creating "punk rock"-style artwork; the process includes a trip to Amoeba Music, where 2Mex's albums can be found just before 2Pac's in the bins. Of Mexican Descent also makes time for some homespun musical breaks, including a hilarious bedroom freestyle involving Xololanxinxo and a stuffed animal from outer space.

�Of Mexican Descent� showing on Cinco de Mayo, Wednesday, May 5 at 3:30 PM and Friday, May 7 at 3:00 PM at United Artists Theater (102 North End Ave. @ Vesey St.)

Pepe Urquijo�s documentary �Of Mexican Descent� (OMD) leads audiences through the world of a Los Angeles music industry not often seen�underground Chicano Hiphop.

With the members of the Hiphop group of the same name as guides, 2Mex and Xololanxinxo, �OMD� shows us insightful glimpses of this world and how OMD the group survives as �smart artists��performers who independently control the creation, production and distribution of their music. The end result is not a music video, but instead an entertaining how-to-guide that also spotlights the duo's personalities.

According to the Los Angeles-born filmmaker, his films �seek more accurate representations of the day-to-day challenges and struggles that the California Chicano and Latino communities face.�

Urquijo�s work has been well received in the US and internationally, including in Cuba, Colombia and Mexico. He has also been honored in the San Francisco Cinema Calendar and with a San Francisco Bay Guardian Goldie award in 1999.

Urquijo lives in San Francisco where he runs his film production company Bandido Productions and contributes in the building of socially conscious filmmaking communities.

Pepe Urquijo Bio
Award-winning filmmaker Pepe Urquijo was born in 1971 in the San Fernando Valley, but did not develop the tools to truly speak until 1994 when he picked up his first camera -- a camera of which he has yet to let go. Through his films, he hopes to show the day-to-day challenges faced by Chicano and Latino communities in California, which resonate with a political and social consciousness -- an Urquijo trademark. Currently, he lives in San Francisco and is finishing Pimpin' Fruit, a mockumentary about a turf war between a pushcart fruit vendor and a pimp.

Official website for 2MEX of OMD

Tribeca Film Festival
select festival program, films by director, u-z for urquijo and the listing will pop up.

The Los Angeles screening is:
Saturday May 1st,2004 6pm IMIX BOOKS
5052 Eagle Rock Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041
(323) 257-2512 IMIX BOOKS
Right off of Colorado Blvd, near where the 2 freeway meets the 134 freeway.

Official Bandido Productions Website

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