Brown Berets Interview on Sexto Sol Radio

One of the legends of the Mexican-American civil rights movement was an East Los Angeles organization called the Brown Berets. Their militancy as well as commitment to community building drew much interest, and the Berets were estimated to have over 5,000 members across Califas, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and elsewhere. But who were they? David Sanchez, co-founder of the 1960s' soldiers, sat down to explain just that.

Pacifica Radio KPFT program Sexto Sol has relaunched its website and offers a special treat for registered users, just in time for Cinco de Mayo: the show's much-requested interview with David Sanchez of the Brown Berets is now online.

Visit and use the free registration option to get access to the Sanchez interview.

In January, Sexto Sol aired a two-part interview with Brown Berets founder David Sanchez. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Brown Berets emerged as one of the most powerful and militant organizations in the Chicano liberation movement. David does very few interviews, and this was a great chance to learn more about the lost history of the Berets. We cover a great deal of ground in these two broadcast-quality MP3 files.

What was the community history that inspired the formation of the Brown Berets? What was the initial community reaction to the Brown Berets, and how quickly did the organization grow? How did the Berets end and what is David's response to people who've criticized him for his work with the Berets? What kinds of successful tactics and mistakes were there in the work of the Brown Berets, and what suggestions does David offer to youth coming into the movimiento? What was the Brown Berets' greatest contribution to the lives of gente today? David gets into these topics and much more. Our spring pledge drive kicks off May 13, so please make sure to support.

Visit the newly redesigned for the Sanchez interview.

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