Latin Hip-Hop on Sabado Gigante

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Miami, Florida - On April 24th, 2004 Sabado Gigante featured a Latino Hip-Hop segment on Regional Urbano artists Kinto Sol, Mexiclan, and Bandahood. San Pedro-based group Mexiclan preformed their hit single "Stupid & Creido". It was followed up by emcee Skribe of Kinto Sol (Milwaukee, WI) educating mega host Don Francisco on the different flavors of Latino Hip-Hop. Firme Clothing was featured on the fashion (estilo) aspect of Latin Hip-Hop apparel for representing the "moda en la costa oeste" (West Coast Style). They also demonstrated to Don Francisco the difference between West Coast Popping/Locking compared to East Coast B-boying. Closing the show was Bandahood from Barrio Watts (California) rocking the live audience with their new single "El Muchacho Alegre" off their debut album "Yo Soy El Muchacho Alegre!". With Latino Hip-Hop crossing over to new markets, Sabado Gigante was a giant step forward in showcasing our style and music to the rest of the world.

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