A Community Appeal to Support Independent Radio

Fidel Rodriguez (center) of Divine Forces with Easy Roc and Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew. Photography: Sal Rojas

Over the next few weeks, radio shows supporting the culture and music of the gente are asking for your support, and the time is critical for you to help.

Programs such as Divine Forces (KPFK) and Sexto Sol (KPFT) are part of the Pacifica network of commercial-free, listener-sponsored radio stations. Such shows are the last of a dying breed: playlist-free programming that represents nuestra voz.

Pacifica started over 50 years ago as a network aimed at bringing commercial-free radio to communities in Los Angeles, Houston, New York City, Washington DC and Berkeley, Califas. The founders envisioned stations sponsored almost wholly by listeners, free of corporate underwriting or money that could slant or filter what got on the air. It's been a beautiful experiment, delivering to you what can only be called "free speech radio." But Pacifica's quarterly pledge drives require your support.

Commercial Latino radio has closed ranks behind a few large corporations. And the music choices they play and views they air have gotten even smaller. Our programs offer you something you will find nowhere else. In the case of both Divine Forces and Sexto Sol, you will get a taste of what real radio sounds like. No bling. No U.S. Army recruiters' "public service announcements." Just great underground music, community dialog and empowerment of youth.

It is important for you to support the gente who support our betterment, our music and our viewpoints, especially at a time when our choices are becoming fewer.

Check out websites for Divine Forces and Sexto Sol for pledge drive info:

Divine Forces: www.divineforces.org
Sexto Sol: www.sextosolradio.org

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