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 Digital Aztlan recently conducted a poll to determine who was the top Latin Hip-Hop Artist or Group in the year 2000.   You, the viewer, voted and determined the winner.   This is the first survey, which we at will turn into an annual event.  The staff at is already anticipating the winner of the 2001 poll.  While the poll was a first for us, we were surprised with the response worldwide we received.  Several thousand votes were cast (Sorry, no recounts).   The poll was a roller coaster ride as many Artists flip-flopped positions.  Artists such as Sir Dyno, Frost, Lil� One, Big Pun and Delinquent Habits held strong positions up to the very end.  While other artists such as Psycho Realm, Mr. Shadow, Brownside, Fat Joe, Capone, Cisco the Frisco Mack, and Nightowl made huge runs during the last weeks of the survey.   Others like Slow Pain and ALT saw their numbers split between their solo careers and their �G-Fellas� collaboration.  

What follows are the Top 3 Rappers according to you, the people.

South Park Mexican from Houston, Texas.

3.       SOUTH PARK MEXICAN-Coming out of Texas, SPM has become a top player in the game of Hip-Hop. SPM, founder of Dope House Records, first made a name for himself in the underground scene.  While other artist take years to make records, SPM drops at least an album every year.  Recently, SPM and Dope House Records made Universal it�s home for distribution.   While SPM has had some independent success, his deal with Universal now gives him a chance to take it to the next level.  SPM�s current album �Time is Money� is sitting up on the billboard charts, as it has been since its release.  During the first couple of weeks of the BP POLL, SPM sat in the middle of the pile, ranked 15th.   After the news of SPM signing with Universal, SPM made a strong run in the last few weeks to take the number 3 position. SPM came within an earshot of number two.  The way the votes were coming in late for SPM, there was a strong chance of SPM taking the number 1 position.  But unfortunately for SPM, the poll closed.

Cypress Hill at the House of Blues. photo: Sal Rojas

2.        CYPRESS HILL-Representing South Gate, California. The Hip-Hop, bud-smoking legends come in at number 2.  Cypress Hill came out hard with their debut album, providing beats and vocals unheard of in a Hip-Hop album before. Critics and Fans quickly transformed Cypress Hill from an Underground group representing the �Counter-Culture� into a mainstream group still representing the �Counter-Culture�.   After the success of their debut album, many wondered if Cypress Hill were �one-hit� wonders.   But after every album released, success followed.  With success came Chart topping CD sales, sold out shows, and headlining tours.  Today, Cypress Hill continues to influence the world of hip-hop by releasing a live album.  Live albums are commonly released by Rock Artist(s), but Cypress Hill has decided to continue to break barriers.   During the months of the BP POLL, Cypress Hill never dipped below the top 3 positions.  Cypress Hill enjoyed the top spot in the BP POLL, and it seemed that the group would end on the top spot.   The ranking proves that Cypress Hill still has the respect of Latinos worldwide, even after over 10 years in the game.

Lil Rob from San Diego, California. photo: Sal Rojas

1.         LIL� ROB-Straight out the 619 San Diego, California.  Lil� Rob surprised many by becoming the top BROWNPRIDE.COM Rapper for the year 2000.  While SPM and Cypress Hill can attribute a part of their success to signing with major labels, Lil� Rob did it independently.  Lil� Rob, whose albums are distributed by Royal T�s Low Profile Records, first enjoyed success with the single �Mexican Gangster�.    Lil� Rob�s constant touring of the Lowrider Car Scene in the Southwest help him spread his music across the states.  While his style hasn�t changed much since starting (Oldie beats with Gangster Lyrics), people love his music. Each Lil� Rob album outsells the previous one.   One can only wonder what Lil� Rob could do with Major Label distribution.  Lil� Rob continues to independently release albums and put San Diego on the map.  Lil� Rob rose to the top during the summer months, and eventually knocked Cypress from the top spot on the BP POLL.  The staff at would like to congratulate Lil� Rob as the Top Rapper for the year 2000 as voted by the viewers (you the people). had no say in determining the winner of the poll.  The results were based on the viewers of voting for whom they thought were the top BP Rappers.   The survey was conducted for an extend period of time, lasting over several months.  We at would like to thank all the Latino Artists who continue to put it down for all Latinos worldwide, and to all the people who view for making the survey a success.

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