Brownsville : The Cali-Texas Connection

Conejo, Capone, and Bugsy

Sometimes, the best music comes from collaborations between different
Artists. With the right combination of chemistry between artists and a tight
beat to match, a classic is born and lives forever.  For example, the classic
song by the Funky Aztecs' "Slipping Into Darkness" featuring the late Tupac
Shakur. What made the track even more special was the fact that "Slipping
Into Darkness" was the only song Tupac ever recorded with a Latino rap group.
Or maybe you enjoyed the Delinquent Habit's track "Western Ways" featuring
the Bronx's Big Pun, who passed away last year. How about Psycho Realm's Sick
Jacken rapping on a Lethal Assassins Clique joint "Immortal Combat".

And, who can forget all the controversy Capone and Darkroom's Sir Dyno
stirred up when those two hooked up for the track.

Capone didn't let all the negative publicity he received from past
collaborations stop him from exploring new ventures. Capone came down from
Texas this past November to Los Angeles. As soon as Capone reached Los
Angeles, he met up with controversial Rapper Conejo.   Conejo, during this
time, was working on his latest project "Tattoo Ink".

"Tattoo Ink" is a new group featuring Conejo and introducing Bugsy. Mr.
Bandit is handling the album's production. For those that don't already know,
Mr. Bandit is Conejo's in house producer.

Conejo and Capone first met each in Waco, Texas two years ago. Now, the two
have decided to do another track together. This Cali-Texas one-two
combination started back in '99, where they meet back stage and traded
numbers. They soon became good friends. Now they are about to drop bombs on
the Chicano Rap scene.

One must be wondering how Capone's style would mesh with "Tattoo Ink's". With
Capone's down-south-laid-back-gangster flow combined with Conejo's
aggressive-mic-checking style, they are a lethal pair. Throw in Bugsy's
multi-dimensional lyrical range into the equation and you have a powerful
alliance.  Finally, Bandit comes with the complex industrial sound, and the
dark hip-hop beats.

We were on our way to The Gates Laboratory in the San Fernando Valley to
witness the Capone and Conejo collaboration. It's been close to two years
since Capone was in Los Angeles. Last time he was here, he recorded two
tracks. One of those tracks was "Conejo & Capone" which was featured on
Conejo's "Fallen Angel" album. The other was with the group L.A.C. and was
never released to the public.

When we arrived, Capone was getting ready to lay down his vocals for the
track "Brownsville".

"Loco straight outta the zone
Tejano full Capone and Conejo
Here to smash your f**king mentals
You fall
When the gun barrel blows
Simple situation, simple stories told
Conejo and Capone got the gangster shit."
In the City of Angels doing gangster shit
Doing gangster hits." - Capone on "Brownsville"

The song "Brownsville" is a track that represents all the barrios in the
United States.   After hearing the rough mix, Capone's style and Conejo's
style integrated well.   Is this a new classic in the making?  Only time will
tell. Nonetheless, it's always good to see Latinos in this business coming
together and helping each other out.

Be sure to pick up Capone's new album "Barrio Dope" dropping February 20th.

Authors: Sal Rojas and Richard Montes
Photography: Sal Rojas

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