Battle Board Tournament Winner... Playdoe21

Thanks sun, well thanks again for putting this tournament together. Well I'm 21 from Waukegan Illinois, just north of Chicago. Puerto Rican and Italian, ILL mix! My real name is William all my friends call me Willis B! I don't see myself ever trying to make a living off of this shit. I just bust freestyles every now and then just for the love of the muzik and for fun. My true love is dancing! I'll be a b-boy until the day I die. I have been dancing for a long time. Poppin, breakin, and flexin. Some of the artist that I listen to are Big Pun, Beatnuts, Tony Touch, The (cypress) Hill, I haven't really been exposed to none of the more underground music coming out of the west and south. Man I just love hip-hop, I don't care who's is putting it down, brown, black, white, or green! if your fresh, Your Fresh. Plain and simple! I'm just glad I can be a small piece of this culture we call HIP-HOP!!!!

Here is the verse for the final round. The topic was "Violence in the Media."

"We are our own enemy,
when gang bangin is in out heart more than our family.
And we disrespect because where we live & the color of our skin,
what's the remedy?
It's not the press,
they seem to stress only the violence in our community.
They air a murder in cold blood because we don't show no peace no unity.
That's why it's our duty,
to stop blaming others for our situations.
It's our own fault we teach our young that it's cool to belong to a nation,
steady gang banging,
And wonder why they label us animals!
Doing nothing but killing our own people,
our own race of cannibals!
So I don't want to hear that people treat us with no respect!
Every time we have a jam cat's get wild and then we have to hit the deck!
And the shit won't cease until there's peace,
ourselves we have to check.
We as Latinos have as much opportunity as the rest man.
What we have to do is extend our hand to help pick up the next man.
So we cant blame media because everything they say about us is true.
They can only show the shit that happens,
That's there job, that's what they do!
Look in the mirror and think kid the only person that you can blame is you!"

Peace out!!
Playdoe21 (Willis B)

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