L.A. Hip-Hop Pioneer Julio G Fired

Bad news for Hip Hop fans in LA.  Long time fixture and Hip Hop
pioneer Julio G has been given the ax at KKBT The Beat.  For those who
are familiar with Julio, it comes as a total shock and disappointment.
Julio's roots go way back to LA early Hip Hop days when the legendary
radio station KDAY was around.  He was an original member of the famed
mixmasters crew which included people Joe Cooley, MWalk, and Tony G.
KDAY of course was the country's first Hip Hop oriented rap station.
Julio's on air presence was a reminder to all of just how deep rooted
LA's Hip Hop scene was.  He had a strong connection with many of the
area's artists and was well respected.  He had also come a long ways
since his first days on air when he was a bit nervous and unsure of
himself.  Over time he developed into a seasoned professional who
conducted some of the best on air interviews around.  I like to call
his the Tavis Smily of Hip Hop because of his ability to engage both
the artists and the audience with his interviews.  Over the past few
years Julio has made his mark with his Westside Radio program which
was initially started by his longtime friend the late Eazy E.
The firing of Julio G is just the latest in a series of moves made
by the Beat since it changed owners last fall- While many have been
proud of the accomplishments of Black owned Radio One, many are
troubled by the fact that it has let go some of the country's most
stellar Hip Hop shows and personalities. The Beat let the Baka Boys
go, The Wake Up Show and now Julio G. What gives??? Inquiring minds
wanna know? As for now folks can catch up with Julio over at
escrito por Davey D

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