Xican@ | Lang@ Xchange CONCERT: 8-5-01

"Un mundo donde quepan mucho mundos"
A Multi-media Benefit Concert for La Casa de la Cultura Benito Juarez, Mexico City

Support Xican@ Xilang@ Cultural Exchanges

with music.poetry.dance.film.y.mas an afrocuban.cumbia.colombiana.flamenco.folky.hiphop.jarocho.word.world beat
SUNDAY, AUGUST 5th, 2001 7 PM

@Cafe/Club Fais Do Do
5257 W. Adams St.
Los Angeles, CA 90016
$10.00 all ages

El Puente Info. line: 323-858-1308

Fais do do HotLine: 323-954-8080
[email protected] [email protected]

Music & Dance by
Jarabe Xitlali & Omo Ashe

Music by
Very Be Careful, Wozani, Fifth Batallion

Dance by
Xicanas Gitanas

Words by
Big Mouth Entertainment
Mujeres de Maiz

MC'd by
Fidel Rodriguez of Seditious Beats

Endorsed by:
Aztlan Media Collective, Brownpride.com, ChUSMA, Comite Pro Democracia en Mexico, Harmony Circle, LAIPA, Seditious Beats, Solidaridad Con el Pueblo Rio Yaqui, Sub Guerrila Art Collective, Tendencias Revolucionarias, Tongues Magazine, Travel Tips for Aztlan, Xican@ Records & Film, Youth Organizing Communities, Womyn Image Makers and hopefully You.

The Xilang@ (Mexico City'ers) and the Xican@ community have been forging ties of Solidarity, this is another step towards that exchange, another bridge/puente through art and culture.
The Xilang@ Xican@ Exchange
"Un mundo donde quepan mucho mundos"

This Zapatista dicho is the theme of a Benefit concert to raise funds to help The Casa de Cultura Benito Juarez which was founded in 1996 by youth in Mexico City, in keeping with the Zapatista ideology of bringing about change through art and culture.

This space was once an abandoned building used to house stolen goods and other illicit activities. After being effectively squatted for four years it now houses alternative economic projects such as a coffee shop, an estetica (beauty salon), afterschool programs, discussion circles, and community art workshops and festivals. Through the community leadership that has ensued the Casa de Cultura has thrived and is in the process of growing to provide more to the local community as well as to the international community.

The benefit concert will build a second floor to provide housing to displaced youths in Mexico and progressive travelers passing through Mexico City, as well as a gym for the community.

In exchange the Xilang@ community has agreed to send a representative to provide the Xican@ community with:

  • Participatory Workshops on the San Andres Accords
  • Discussion Circle to Share their experiences with autonomous and economic auto-sufficiency projects
  • The expansion of civil society dialogue committees
  • Workshops on Capoeira Angola (Spiritual, Brazilian Self Defense)
  • Serve as a bridge to our community into Mexico City/D.F. as well as the communities in Chiapas.

    As a supporter of this benefit you will help with the growth of not only this cultural space but as well as the continued exchange between Xilang@s and Xican@s and other communities and cultures.

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