The Ollin Project | Record Release Party 2.26.02

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The Ollin Project and Pass The Mic! A Latinos in Hip Hop Documentary are the latest projects produced by Digital Aztlan. Four years in the making, Pass The Mic! dwells into the underground world of Latino Hip Hop Music, exploring the intricate details that makes this genre so distinctive. Directed by Digital Aztlan�s Richard Montes and produced by Digital Aztlan President Sal Rojas, Pass The Mic! has generated a buzz among the Los Angeles Music Community and created controversy along the way by showing an accurate and unbiased view of the Music Recording Industry. The highly praised The Ollin Project is a music compilation featuring Los Angeles� preeminent underground Artists. The Ollin Project showcases the rather unique voice that has typically been silenced.

6 pm - Doors Open
7 pm - Exclusive Screening of "Pass The Mic" a Latinos in Hip-Hop documentary film by Digital Aztlan.
8 pm - Performance by O.T.W., Brown Town Looters, Voodoo Click, Rhyme Poetic Mafia, ILL-FAME, Aztlan Underground, and Street Platoon.

Hosted by DJ Echo and DJ Vice of Power 106, Live Media Cover by The Hip-Hop Show and

The Galaxy Theatre
3503 S. Harbor Blvd | Santa Ana, CA 91608
"THE OLLIN PROJECT" Compilation is also available through and In Stores Now!

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