Nuevo Sencillo ALMA por Pato Machete

Pato Machete, The front man of Mexico's Hip-Hop Legends CONTROL MACHETE returns with his solo project. Releasing his very first single titled "ALMA", the track is already being used as the theme song for the Mexican soccer league.

Control Machete's debut album "Mucho Barato" was released in Mexico in 1996 and in then the United States the following year. It was already a bestseller with over 100,000 units sold in Mexico and 400,000 plus in United States when "S� Se�or" was featured in Alejandro Gonz�lez I��rritu's (director/ producer) classic film "Amores Perros" in 2000.

Pato Machete moved into the mainstream with Control Machete when their hit song "S� Se�or" was also used as the soundtrack to Levi Strauss' Super Bowl XXXVI television commercial titled "Crazy Legs" in 2002 to critical acclaim.

Pato Machete's distinctive flow is also featured in Hollywood's blockbuster films like 2005's "Land of the Dead" with Control Machete's "En El Camino" introducing fellow Mexican emcee Sekreto. Pato's voice was heard in 2006's "Crank" starring Jason Statham.

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Artist: Pato Machete
Label: Octubre / Class

Written by: Danny Grimaldi

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