A.B.Quintanilla in Final Stages of Shooting His New Video "HIPNOTIKA"

Renowned artist A.B. Quintanilla is currently putting the finishing touches on his new video "HIPNOTIKA" under the direction of the very talented Max Gutierrez. The song is from his new album titled LA VIDA DE UN GENIO (Life of a Genius), which will be released on the 18th of May, 2010 on Capitol Latin.

"HIPNOTIKA" features performances by two prominent musicians, Puerto Rico's own Voltio, and Marciano, the singer from the Argentinean rock band Enanitos Verdes.

The video's story develops amusingly as our hero is being hypnotized by the amazingly attractive girls that are dancing for him. Throughout the video, fans of these three very talented men will enjoy a variety of close-ups mixed with images that will really have the power to hypnotize.

The video shoot is just one of many stops on A.B. Quintanilla's journey before the start of the very busy promotion for LA VIDA DE UN GENIO (Life of a Genius), an album made from the heart that is coming to his fans after a three-year hiatus.

A.B quintanilla is currently promoting the new album in Mexico after a direct flight from Colombia, one of the many countries that welcomed him with open arms during his visit.

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