Pass The Mic! A Latinos in Hip-Hop Documentary

"The Strong-ness is in its Rawness�Compelling�

their disappointment in the music industry is the highlight"

-Director Sylvia Morales of Resurrection Blvd.

Throughout the rich and colorful world of Hip-Hop, the Latino influence has never been properly documented. Finally, the true story is told�

Find out why Fox 11 News is calling Latin Hip-Hop "The Next Big Thing". Discover the reason a UPN news report predicts the Latin Hip-Hop scene to become more successful than Latin Pop. Witness the growth of the underground, the ingenuity of the lyrical content, and soon realize why this movement is rising to insurmountable heights.

Four years in the making, Pass The Mic! A Latinos in Hip-Hop Documentary mixes exclusive interviews with concert and behind the scenes footage. Called experts of the Latin Hip-Hop movement, Digital Aztlan produced a riveting and controversial piece, keeping the content and its topics uncensored.

Hear from the Artists firsthand as they recall the politics and the stereotypes placed upon them. Listen to the "Godfather of Latin Hip-Hop" Mellow Man Ace, Delinquent Habits and Lighter Shade of Brown converse about the late 1980's and early 1990's Latin Hip-Hop Scene, when they were headlining tours and going gold. Learn how the Latin Hip-Hop sound has influenced the world of Hip-Hop and helped ignite the Latin Pop Explosion. See how the movement has crossed borders and races. Take note of their struggles, their influences, and their love for the art of music.

Artists interviewed: Mellow Man Ace, Delinquent Habits, Molotov, Psycho Realm, Proper Dos, Brown Town Looters, Street Platoon, Capone of Latino Jam Records, Lighter Shade of Brown, Conejo, Aztlan Underground, Seditious Beats, ILL-Fame, Rhyme Poetic Mafia.

Exclusive Footage: The much talked about freestyles from the 5th Battalion/Digital Aztlan Coconut Teasers show, freestyles from the Divine Circle of Prayer portion of the Seditious Beats radio show, G'fellas self titled album photo shoot, recording studio footage of the Artists laying down their tracks, plus exclusive concert footage from many of the top Latino MC's.

Music: Soundtrack courtesy of the underground sensation 5th Battalion. Also featured The Ollin Project with tracks from The Psycho Realm, Voodoo Click, Los Tumbados, and Krazy Race.

The Galaxy Theatre
3503 S. Harbor Blvd | Santa Ana, CA 91608

6 pm - Doors Open
7 pm - Exclusive Screening of "Pass The Mic" a Latinos in Hip-Hop documentary film by Digital Aztlan.
8 pm - Performance by O.T.W., Brown Town Looters, Voodoo Click, Rhyme Poetic Mafia, ILL-FAME, Aztlan Underground, and Street Platoon.

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