Divine Forces Radio: We Are the Americans of Beats and Blood

KPFK/"divine forces radio:we are the americans of beats and blood"/ Travel Tips for Aztlan urgently needs your support! KPFK has begun its Winter fund drive (feb 20th - march 1st) asking you to pledge and support fiercely independent radio .

Tonight Friday Feb- 22 from 12am to 3am listen to "divine forces radio" with host fidel rodriguez and guest host mark torres of "Travel Tips for Aztlan" heard on KPFK Saturday nights from 10pm to 12am as they discuss the importance of non-corporate radio and its role in raising consciousness throughout the world towards embracing chaos and bringing hope. Fidel and Mark will also interview Native American "Spliting the Sky". Splitting the Sky was born in Buffalo, New York on January 7, 1952. The oldest of thirteen children, he and his brothers and sisters were taken to residential-type schools and foster homes where they were severely abused by racist authorities. He was the only man convicted as a result of the allegedly killing a prison guard at Attica State Prison in September 1971. After almost being electrocuted at Sing Sing Prison, he was released by a pardon by Governor Hugh Carey in 1979. Eventually Splitting the Sky established residency in Canada with his wife Sandra Bruderer. He lead a Sundance ceremony in British Columbia, Canada that turned into a three-month standoff for Indian title rights, against the Canadian Military and RCMP. While in Sing Sing Prison in 1977, Splitting the Sky found the secret of life through the power of sexual fluids of humankind. He continues to be a major figure for Indigenous rights throughout the world and has spoken at universities, community centers and events throughout the country. With the publication of "From Attica to Gustafsen Lake," Dacajeweiah is telling his own story, ranging from his central role in the rebellions at Attica, Genienkeh, Oka and Gustafsen Lake, to delineating his numerous political organizing triumphs. The July 6,1986 rally to stop genocide at Big Mountain and the October 12, 1992 protest at the United Nations on the 500th anniversary of the Columbus invasion of Turtle Island, organized principally by Dacajeweiah John Hill, remain to this day the largest protests for Indian self-determination ever held in the United States. When they make the movie about Dacajeweiah's life story, anything less than a "Roots"-like twelve-part mini-series would fall short of the mark.- John Steinback

�divine forces radio� can be heard on the strongest station in Southern California 112,000 Watts KPFK (90.7FM) in Los Angeles and KPFK (98.7FM) in Santa Barbara County early on Friday Nights from 12a.m. to 3 a.m and on Thursday nights at 6pm on www.bringthenoise.com. "divine forces radio" is an innovative, positive and spritually thinking show, which flawlessly blends hip-hop music, education, in-studio guests and spirituality within theme-based shows. There is even a "Word of the Week" where listeners improve their vocabulary and have had a chance to win books. The show has given over 2000 books in the past four years to promote literacy in Los Angeles.

Fidel Rodriguez is host, and producer of �divine forces radio.� He hails from Santa Barbara, CA. and is a 1997 graduate of the University of Southern California where he was a Mc Nair Scholar with Bachelor degrees in both Chicana/o Studies and African American Studies. He is joined on-air by DJ extraordinaire Icy Ice and Curse of the World Famous Beat Junkies, DJ Breeze and Cal Cutterz' DJ Counterstryke. www.divineforces.org

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