Solo Char's Medellin Video Shoot | Behind the Scene Photos

This month rapper and actor (novela: Rosario Tijeras) Solo Char of the Medellin-based hip-hop crew �PLG Organizacion� filmed a new music video for his song �SoloChar�. The music video is for the track that�s going to be featured on a Colombian hip-hop compilation titled �Brown Pride�. This compilation is a joint project between and some of the finest artists from Colombia. The �Brown Pride� compilation will be released in the barrio streets of Medellin, Colombia and the City of Angels in 2011.

In the 80�s and 90�s Medellin was the most violent city in the world, known for being the home base of Pablo Escobar, the most powerful drug lord of the 20th Century. The Colombian government�s (with the support of the U.S.A.) war against Pablo Escobar ended on December 2nd, 1993. Even after his assassination the shock waves of the violence are still felt today.

You can say that many of the Medellin rappers today are the bastard sons of Pablo Escobar. As kids they grew up during the apex of the war and a lot of their dads, uncles, and other family members were causalities to the chaos that Pablo created in the streets of Medellin. Some even grew up in the barrios that Escobar recruited and trained his sicarios (hired assassins).

In 2008 and 2009, I spent close to 40 days in Colombia and all the rappers I got to know personally have stories of murder, torture, missing family, missing friends. Nobody says anything, there�s only silence. One of my closest parceros (homeboys) is Solo Char who knows firsthand the violence that plagues the Medellin barrios. He�s one of the founding members of LAS PLAGA aka PLG Organizacion along with EL CUATE, PLG OSO, and EL QAT. They represent �La Vida Dura�, surviving the hardest of times and using music to express their scarred hearts the way only urban poets can.

�En Cada Barrio, Revoluci�n!
Salvador "SAVIOR REDS" Rojas


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