Q&A with DJ EKUZ of La Raza Radio L.A.


[BrownPride.com] : Who is DJ Ekuz and how did he get started in radio?

[DJ EKUZ] : I'm 25 years old and have been living in Los Angeles all my life. I grew up in a family that loves music and since I was little I loved to play with the radio. I broke so many stereos trying to make them play when I was five. As I grew up I loved to call the radio station up and send shout outs to my family. Because I talked to so many people on the radio I always asked questions and started deejaying for family parties. Thanks to those people that I talked to I was able to start deejaying on the radio.

[BrownPride.com] : Where are you from originally and have you ever worked in a different market than Los Angeles?

[DJ EKUZ] : I was born in Los Angeles and my parents are from Zacatecas, Mexico. I have always lived here but it would be nice to work somewhere else.

[BrownPride.com] : What are some of the biggest accomplishments?

[DJ EKUZ] : I think one of my biggest accomplishments was the day I heard my first mix on the radio. I could not believe I had made it. I knew my hard work had paid off after so many people tried to put me down. I proved them wrong.

[BrownPride.com] : What are some of your favorite songs both on the radio and off the radio right now?

[DJ EKUZ] : Some of my favorite songs are: �Gettin' Over� by David Guetta,� Show me Love� by Mobin Master,� La Peinada� by Chuy Lizarraga.

[BrownPride.com] : I'm sure you get rushed by a lot of up and coming artists trying to get their music on your mixshow. What would you say are the right steps about going about getting a song played?

[DJ EKUZ] : Make sure you always have a clean version of your music because you never know when you meet someone that can help you. You know on the radio you need to keep the music clean. Always be friendly. Never force yourself on a DJ; it just gives a bad impression of you.

[BrownPride.com] : Who are some of the DJs that influence you and your style?

[DJ EKUZ] : I grew up listening to DJ Enrie. And I love the style of DJ Eddieone. I mix a little of both into my own style.

[BrownPride.com] : What was the last music show you went to? What are some of your favorite music genres and artists?

[DJ EKUZ] : Tao was the last music show I went to. My favorite music genres are Club, Latin, and Electro. My favorite artists are David Guetta, Banda el Recodo, Crookers, and La Sonora Dinamita.

[BrownPride.com] : If you were not working in radio, what would other career DJ EKuz be doing?

[DJ EKUZ] : I�d probably be a computer programmer if I wasn�t on the radio.

[BrownPride.com] : EKuz, once again, I'd like to thank you for always being open and helpful and taking time to do this interview for BrownPride.com, are there any last things you would like to add?

[DJ EKUZ] : I just want to thank my family and friends who have always supported my music and believed in me.


Interview by : Danny B.

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